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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Testathon and what are the benefits of participating in it?
    • Testathon is similar to Hackathon but for testers. Testathon aims at finding the best testers and coders from around the world. You can get access to various real-time coding problems, it is paid. Of course!
      Solve these problems and get best developer jobs from best software companies. We have a dedicated coding platform where you can solve problems and test your coding skills. Also, you can test other mandatory skills like communication, reasoning and quantitative analysis to get the best paid jobs.

  • What are the chances of landing a job after taking InterviewFight Standardized Test?
    • There are definitely a lot of chances with our standardised test. You have a high chance of getting an interview based on your marks. But cracking the interview and getting the job depends on your capability and other factors, which our platform tests well.
      The higher your marks, the higher the chances.

  • What is a good score on Standardized Test?
    • Overall, a score of 60% or above is considered good enough to bag highly paid jobs. The score and cutoff for the companies depends upon various factors including cutoff achieved in each sections. So try to perform uniformly in each and every section to increase your chance for selection.

  • What companies are hiring through InterviewFight Platform?
    • From big names to small companies we have about 30 engaging partners across India. Of these, Reliance and Orange are regulars. Many startups also have chosen InterviewFight as their skill assessment brand. We have also collaborated with industry experts of other top companies to hire through our platform.

  • Are there tests available for practice?
    • Yes, we do provide students with a set of practice test which students could have access to before taking the exam.

  • Whom should I contact if my test closes unexpectedly?
    • Should you encounter any problem during the test you can connect with us through the support forum. You can also ask help from Interview Fight’s representative present during the test.