Why InterviewFight?

Every company is unique and so are their recruitment needs. Experience the power of our private cloud to quickly deploy high stake assessments. Get amazed by the highly connected recruitment tools that make high quality recruitment a breeze.

By using our platform, you can not only hire for your immediate needs but also build a talent pipeline for imminent needs.

Hiring through our platform is also a good way to enhance your visibility across the campuses and social media resulting in improved brand recognition among potential hires, a preferred criteria among majority job applicants.


Cutting Edge Assessment Technology


Customized Features


Large Scale Assessments Across India


Dual Filtration of Prospective Hires

our priorties

Employer Brand

Attract top quality talent by enhanced visibility of your company’s brand by recruiting through us.

Data Driven Hiring

Improve your quality of hires and minimize the cost per hire

Reduced Time to Hire

Access to the large, pre-assessed talent pool. Filter candidates geographically.

Fast Sourcing

Source your recruitment process through our platform in as little as just 3 days!

Mobile ready job portal

Let your potential employees to apply to your jobs on the go!


Want to do it all yourself or something else, use our platform customized to your needs.